When you are new to online gambling, you may have a lot of questions. We’re here to help you by answering some questions you might have. Here’s a list of the most common questions people ask us at Raging Bull Casino.

How to Win a Jackpot in an Online Casino

One question people ask us more than any other is how they can win jackpots at casinos. They have seen all the articles about winning money at casinos, and they want to be next. If you’re serious about winning jackpots, there are some strategies to help you. Some movies are all about winning big jackpots the minute you stick a coin in.

However, having a strategy can go a long way towards helping you win jackpots. Before you start playing a game, look at the paytables and winning percentages for games you want to play. That way, you can see which games might be a better risk than others. Pokie players should not only look for paytables but also look for free spins and games. Raging Bull Casino often gives free spins and free games for pokie players.

This would allow you to try out some of your strategies for free. If you don’t play pokies, but you play table games, no worries. There are lots of tips and tricks for playing table games available online. You can find instructions and videos for any table game that you want to play. Whether you like to play roulette, craps, keno, or blackjack, there’ll be help for you online. 

Video poker players are in luck as well. There are tons of instructional videos and streams of video poker players available online. You’ll be able to watch other player’s strategies and work on tricks of your own.

What Australian Online Casinos Accept Paysafe?

Raging Bull Casino is one of several online casinos in Australia that accepts Paysafe as a deposit through Skrill. Paysafe is a form of card payment with a 16-digit code. Often the Paysafe card pairs with the Skrill app so you can place bets and make deposits. 

If you don’t want to use Paysafe, Raging Bull Casino accepts Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, and bitcoin. It also accepts Eco payments. If you aren’t sure about which method you want to use, you can always ask customer service for help.

What Casino Games Online Pay Real Money?

This seems like a simple question, but the answers are a little more complex. First, you should know every game at Raging Bull Casino pays real money. Whether you love pokies, table games, or fun games, such as bingo, they all pay out. While Raging Bull has a lot of pokies, that’s not all it has. If you like games of chance, you should try bingo or keno.

Keno is a cross between bingo and a lottery scratchy. The casino has popular table games as well. Caribbean Poker and pai gow poker are very popular. Another popular game is video poker. Video poker winners happen often. The average on gaming machines and table games is usually a payoff percentage that hovers around 96 per cent. Of course, you have a greater chance of winning the more you play, and the more you practice. 

How can you tell the difference between a casino that pays real money and one that doesn’t? There are signs to look for. You can go immediately to the banking section of the casino. If you see withdrawal options, then you will know the casino awards money as prizes. However, if you only see gift cards, you’ll know the casino isn’t a cash casino.

You might notice that some pay out in points that you can only spend at the virtual casino. That isn’t a cash-paying casino either. Make sure you check the banking and payouts systems for each casino before you play. Also, some casinos have games, such as Plinko, that have prizes or gift cards rather than cash. Double-check the games before you plunk your money down. 

Whether you have questions about how to play games or the specific odds for games, you should ask us. Perhaps you are wondering how to deposit or withdraw money? We can help. When you need to contact someone to ask questions about the casino, you need to give us a call. We have a toll-free number you can call. What if you don’t want to use your phone to call? No worries. We have a live chat service. Our live chat is open for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can even video chat if you prefer. Raging Bull Casino also has an e-mail available for questions or concerns. Please allow us 24 hours to answer an e-mail. 

No matter what your question is, the customer service representatives at Raging Bull Casino want to help answer it. That way, you can feel secure to stay and play here.