When you’re ready to deposit at Raging Bull Casino, you’ll want to do that as quickly and easily as possible. You will also want to be able to withdraw your money quickly. No worries. Banking at Raging Bull Casino is simple. Here is some information about making withdrawals and deposits at the casino.

Making a Deposit

Before you can make a deposit, you will need to set up an account. Raging Bull Casino makes that process easy. You will need to give the casino a little personal information. This includes your name, address, e-mail, and a telephone number. The casino needs this information for record-keeping. Once you have completed your member account setup, you can begin to deposit money into it.

The most popular way to make a deposit is with your credit or debit card. Raging Bull Casino takes cards with Visa or Mastercard logos. Many customers like using credit or debit cards. This method is faster than other methods of deposit. The faster the deposit makes it to your account, the faster you can begin to play.

Withdrawing Money

When you’re ready to withdraw some of your winnings, Raging Bull Casino has you covered. You’ll need to follow procedures to cash in on your big jackpots. You must make a withdrawal request on the casino’s homepage. You’ll be able to do that by clicking on the button that says ‘Cashier’. Enter the amount you want to withdraw. You then must wait for approval from the cashier.

Depending on what day of the week you request the funds, the process could take a few days. Once the cashier approves your request, you must decide how you want your funds. You can request a paper check, and the casino will be happy to post it for you. You can use the bank wire method as well, but this can take up to 10 days to process. If you want a quick transfer, you may want to take your winnings in bitcoin. 

Make sure you read up on the rules for withdrawing money from the casino before you start the process. Also, be patient because the whole process takes some time to clear through the system. This is for your safety, as well as the safety of the casino. Now that you know how to handle the banking, you’re ready to be making deposits and taking out your winnings.